Redefining What’s Humanly Possible
The right PPE can impact your whole facility

Schedule An Appointment

Our hassle-free assessment is conducted on site by our team to capture a deep understanding of your team’s performance and safety needs.


Evaluate Solution

Every company has unique needs, and the TRACK program delivers a detailed recommendation by job type for every area at risk. We can also provide industry stats and recommended best practices.


Implement Trial

Understanding how Mechanix Wear solutions performs in your environment is critical to long-term improvement. A hassle-free trial at your facility or in the field will highlight the key benefits and performance improvements with the solution. Each trial will include a findings report highlighting the improvements made and expected ROI and productivity gains.


Develop Long Term Needs

We like to say the last lap is a continual one. Your TRACK experience does not end with a trial and report. Successful implementation and ongoing gains require continual monitoring as your business evolves and the needs of your team members change. The advanced R&D team works closely with our customers to design, engineer and develop long term solutions for your business.


icon-checkTRACK Key Benefits

  • Generous product samples for wear trials
  • Implementation plans with training, safety days & ongoing consultation
  • In-depth results report, including full ROI analysis with industry best practices
  • Improved worker safety and compliance

icon-microscopeTRACK Results

  • Detailed review of each area, with product recommendations and data
  • Performance metrics & goals
  • Full ROI Calculations
  • Injury cost calculator & projected savings
  • Product cost spend and savings
  • Productivity increase reporting

Are you on the right TRACK?